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Adult & Family Medical Missionary Training

Has the Lord been calling you to become a medical missionary? Or, do you feel it's necessary to learn the basics of health, nutrition, and natural healing to be able to help your family and those around you?  MMK is introducing live adult & family medical missionary training.

This 12-week course will be conducted live by LaVerne Reid (Aunt Lavi) owner of The Plated Plant, a holistic nutritional counseling company based in Houston, TX. The course will be a mix of family-style worship (20 -30 minutes), followed by training (60 minutes).

During the training participants will learn:

  • Plant-based nutrition and benefits

  • Natural healing remedies including poultices and hydrotherapy

  • How to treat lifestyle diseases like: diabetes, colon cancer, hypertension and high cholesterol

  • How the gospel message and the health message are integrated

  • How to teach a medical missionary course

  • A final paper research paper is required

Books included in the course (one per household):

Ministry of Healing, E. G. White

Counsels on Diet & Food, E.G. White

The Princeton Review Anatomy Coloring Book

MMK Student Workbook/Mind.Body.Soulfood adult workbook (downloads)

Recommended book:

The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, 7th Edition, Harvest Time Books

Classes meet via Zoom (or other live platform) 

Fridays 7:00 - 8:30pm CST, USA

January 7 - March 25, 2022 (unless a class must be rescheduled)

Recordings will be available for missed classes, only 3 absences are allowed.

Cost: $209.00US per family*

This course is open to all ages and 2 workbooks - adult and child - will be available to download and make copies.

*Course may be cancelled if there are not enough participants registered. In case of cancellation, there will be a full refund issued.  Participant cancelations after start of training will be prorated, minus cost of books.

LaVerne earned her Nutritional Counselor certificate at 3 Angel's Health Center in Longview, TX under the direction of Rosie Taylor, RN. She has been teaching adults and children the principles of plant-based nutrition and natural healing since 2014. She's conducted seminars in California, Kansas and throughout Houston, TX.

 Learn more about her here.

Paulina R
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