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Our Online Classroom has a private forum, resource library and video streaming.

We now offer online streaming of our Medical Missionary Kids training course.  It's budget friendly and a perfect way to connect with other students. Lessons and pre-recorded classes are available 24/7 and students can message Aunt Lavi and other classmates in our virtual classroom forums. You can purchase or download videos for unlimited access.

Watch the Primary Track in 3 months (12 weeks) or the Secondary B-Track in 4 months (17 weeks).

  • Our resource section has over 50 articles, worksheets, or links to outsite material and is updated weekly.

  • Monthly projects to enhance learning

  • 24/7 Access to student and discussion forums

  • Certificate of completion sent at the end of course

S is for Sunshine Preview

S is for Sunshine Preview

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Online registration is fast and easy and comes with a complete Medical Missionary Kids workbook to download.

The Secondary Track can be supplemented with the Princeton Review Coloring Book, excellent  for high schoolers.

Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Cold and Flu

Unit 3: Learning to Relax

Unit 4: Eat to Live

View our syllabus online.

Scroll down to read more.

Accessing Videos: Our Online Classroom & Resources are available for individuals who purchase videos or subscribe monthly. You must Sign Up in order to acces the private, members-only area. Once you do you will have unlimited access during the length of your subscription. If you purchase videos you will have lifetime access to the members area so that your child can access more advanced material as they grow. A workbook is included with monthly subscriptions and purchases/downloads.

MedKidConnect: MedKidConnect is the online forum is available for all site members.  It is a private forum, however it is not monitored daily and it is up to parents to supervise their child(ren)'s use.  The class facilitator is online each Sunday, however, please email us if you notice anything inappropriate in chat rooms.

Textbooks: We have chosen to lay the foundation of our curriculum upon the Bible and two classical texts written from a Christian perspective.  These two texts, though written over a century ago, are inline with and even in advance of modern medicine. You can access Ministry of Healing and Counsels on Diet and Foods online for free, or order the hardcopies though our online store. We've recently added a second workbook, Princeton Review Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 4th Edition which helps to reinforce concepts related to the respiratory, digestive, circulatory and lymphatic systems. View the course syllabus.

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