Our videos are divided into 4 Units, each instructing the basics of medical missionary work and the 8 Laws of Health.  The B-tracks offer a bit more advanced knowledge that some children won't be able to complete without adult assistance.  All the videos have fun tidbits (animations, a game show, science experiment, etc.) that students can watch with or without the accompanying workbook and replicate at home or on an actual "patient."

Our course is designed to span a full semester, or supplement with a High School A&P course for an entire year.

Once you sign up, you'll receive instant access Online Classroom which includes a resource bank with worksheets, articles, and even a forum to communicate with other students and Aunt Lavi. You'll also receive a Welcome Email with details on how to plan your curriculum, navigate the website and make best use of the resources and supplemental material provided. 

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UNIT 1 - Introduction

G is for God's Glorious Creation

What is a Medical Missionary

Making Good Blood

UNIT 2 - Cold or Flu?

O is for Oxygen

Cold and Flu

D is for Daily Exercise

B: Running Ahead

S is for Sunshine

Vitamins & Minerals

B: In the Garden

UNIT 3 - Learning to Relax

P is for Proper Rest

B: P is for Poultice

L is for Lots of Water

B: Methods of Hydrotherapy

Unit 4 - Eat to Live

A is for Always Temperate

N is for Nutrition 1

B: N is for Nutrition 2

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