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Hi, I'm Aunt Lavi and I love health, nutrition and food. Did I mention food? I live in Houston with my two sons Alejandro and Luke.  We love learning about Jesus, sharing His love with others and teaching people how to live healthy lives, to best glorify God in their bodies. When I was a kid I went to church aaaaallll the time... but I really learned to enjoy going to church once I started to read the Bible for myself.  I prayed and as I learned the truth it all became very interesting to me. Now I'm excited for the day when I get to meet Jesus myself and give Him a big hug!

I have the pleasure of facilitating Medical Missionary Kids camps around the US. Our lessons are fun and interactive.  In my spare time I teach adults about reversing disease and deliver plant-based meals and desserts throughout Houston.  You can check out my website The Plated Plant

I earned a bachelor's degree in Communication from Oakwood University in 2004, and I am currently earning my Master's in Public Health from Andrews University.

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