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We believe that all humans are created in the image of God, and our bodies are the temple of God (1 Cor 3:16). We believe in order to achieve and maintain optimal health, we must follow the principles established in the Bible (and now backed by science).  We teach young people these principles in a practical - yet concise manner, so they can be aware of their value in the sight of God, and share what they've learned with others.


Training an Army of Youth

Based upon the 8 laws of health, or GOD'S PLAN, Medical Missionary Kids integrates video lessons, hands-on projects, and Christian books about health into a fun and rewarding course.  Perfect for homeschools and personal-enrichment, this course is designed to last an entire semester with a 12-lesson or 17-lesson track offering. Students who complete the course will be well trained to carry the message of hope and health to a sin-sick world.


An Exceptional Learning Experience

Our foundation course, Primary Track, is a 12-lesson video series filmed with real students.  Its easy to understand language and demonstrations make it a fun class that all family members will enjoy!  Our advanced, Secondary (B) Track includes 5 bonus lessons that feature topics such as hydrotherapy, making poultices and food combining.  Additional resources are also available for those with an interest in gardening.


Dive Right In

Our workbook is designed to grow with the student as parents can adjust the level of difficulty by omitting or including assignments presented.  Both tracks are incorporated into the same workbook, and additional material for Secondary Track students is indicated.  In our workbook you'll find projects, practical application activities, diagrams and charts that will help solidify concepts in your child's mind.


Informative & Challenging

The texts we use for our workbook assignments are written in a classical format that challenges young minds. We encourage parents to read with their children. Students have weekly reading assignments from The Bible, Ministry of Healing and/or Counsels on Diet and Foods. As the family learns together the experience will come alive for the student and they will find joy in spreading the gospel of health.


Ministry of Healing and Counsels on Diet and Foods by Ellen White

We have chosen to lay the foundation of our curriculum upon the Bible and two classical texts written from a Christian perspective.  These two texts, though written over a century ago, are in line with and even in advance of modern medicine.  With such a wealth of information, any student of nutrition will refer to these books in their library time and time again.  We've compiled  a list of scholars who validate the content or author of the books as being relevant and innovative.

“Recently the book Education, by Ellen G. White, has been brought to my attention. Written at the turn of the century, this volume was more than fifty years ahead of its times... The breadth and depth of its philosophy amazed me...”

-Florence B. Stratemeyer (1900–1980), Pioneer in curriculum development and teacher education; noted for excellence in teaching, counseling and influencing the shape and form of curriculum design and teacher education throughout the world (Nolan 1992)

Speaking on treating disease primarily through diet: “I’m  very  impressed  with  what  they  do... they  have  a  medical  school,  quite  frankly,  a good  and   rather  old  medical  school  in  Loma  Linda,  California.  [Loma Linda University, co-founded by Ellen White] But  they  have  started  this  concept  of  lifestyle  medicine,   and  I  really like it a lot... start talking to [patients] first and foremost  about  the  role  of diet and  lifestyle in  solving  our  problems, and taking  that as the first course, the first approach to resolving problems.”

-T Colin Campbell (1934– ), The China Study, Founder of T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University and contributor to Forks Over Knives®

“I really haven't had any health problems since I was 17. When I was about 16 or 17, I started reading books on health and nutrition like Paul Bragg's The Miracle of Fasting and Ellen 

White, a writer for the Adventist Church. I started realizing there was a real connection between what you put in your mouth and what you did not put in your mouth, between your health and how you felt."

-Paul Wenner, Garden Cuisine, Founder of Gardenburger® and consultant to Kellogg Company

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