8 Laws of Health Group Packet

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Instructions: You and a partner (or a small group) will work together to create a packet or a book about the 8 Laws of Health, also known as GOD’S PLAN. You will be given a new assignment each week. Once you complete the assignment add it to your packet. Your team will decide if you each turn in identical packets, or if you will work together to turn in one group packet.

Each packet will need:

  1. A cover page with

  2. A unique title

  3. Names of each member

  4. Completed weekly assignments

  5. Summary paragraph of the what you’ve learned & your experience making the packet

Packet is due July 6th

To turn in One Group Packet: Teammates will choose a team leader. The team leader will collect all the completed work. You may email the team leader the completed work; you may video chat on Zoom.us to work together, or you may chat in the Peer-to-Peer forum to make sure everyone is doing their part. Some assignments may require one person to do all the writing; while some parts of the assignment may be completed by each group member. Please get parents’ permission before logging onto Zoom.

To find your partner: Post in the thread “Partners for 8 Laws” in the Homework Help forum. Include in your post –

  • Your name

  • Your age/grade (if applicable)

  • The city, state you live in

  • Something interesting about yourself

When you find someone you would like to partner with, reply to their post telling them you want to be partners. If multiple people reply to the same post please limit group membership to 3 people. Once you have formed your group have your parents email: info@medicalmissionarykids Subject: “Partners for 8 Laws” and list the members of your group in the body of the email.

Anyone who does not have a partner by Thursday, May 9th will be assigned a partner.

Weekly assignments will be posted in Homework Help forum and will be due the following Friday.

Assignment #1 is due May 15th.

Click title to access assignment.

Assignment #1 Tic Tac Toe - Due 5/15

Assignment # 2 Respiratory System & Anatomy Pages - Due 5/22

Assignment #3 Exercise Video

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