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Ellen White...Relevant or Retired?

Have you ever wondered if the writings of Ellen G. White were outdated, or just for our grandparents parents? Interestingly enough, although most of her writings were written more than a century ago, E.G. White's writings are just now being validated by the scientific community. That means science is actually behind on the times and E.G. White? Well, she's so 2018... Check out some of the things people have to say about here writings then you decide- is it relevant, or should it be retired?

"Tobacco. In 1863 Ellen White declared that tobacco was a “slow,” “deceitful” (in 1886 this adjective was modified to read “insidious”), and “malignant” (in 1886, “most malignant”) poison. Has history subsequently borne this out?

"Coffee. Ellen White was told by an angel from heaven in the autumn of 1848, and again in the spring of 1863, that the drinking of coffee was deleterious to health, even life-threatening. In the March 12, 1981, New England Journal of Medicine veteran epidemiologist Dr. Brian MacMahon reported on a study done by his team of Harvard University School of Public Health researchers. According to their study, the predisposing cause of cancer of the pancreas (one of the fastest killers of all cancers today) is coffee drinking. Then he “dropped the other shoe” by adding that caffeine was probably not the chief culprit, since in his study group as many patients died from drinking decaffeinated coffee as those who died using the straight stuff."

In the early 1950s Alton Oschner, M.D., professor of thoracic surgery at Tulane University’s medical school, New Orleans, was among the earliest to demonstrate an undeniable link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer."

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