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An Interview with Dr. T Colin Campbell

Protein in Plants

Steve Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio did an interview with Dr. T. Colin Campbell, co-author of The China Study. The China Study took a look at the diets and disease rates of Chinese individuals over a 20 year span, and categorized their findings based on location, types of cancer and other factors. What they found was the a dramatic link between meat consumption and cancer. Dr. Campbell advocates for a plant based diet. An excerpt of the interview is below. To view the transcript of the entire interview click here. Prussack: What do you consider, if we take all of your research that you've done throughout the years, what do you consider to be the optimal human diet?

Campbell: Well, I mean really it should be a diet that is largely focused on plant-based foods, by that I mean vegetables and grains and fruits and legumes, of course, and in particular, sort of whole foods...And if we put together diets that are made of plant-based foods, and we don't add back a lot of salt, sugar and fat, which we tend to do, I would say that is the closest we can get to an ideal diet. It really has a profound effects in preventing disease, and as I said before, we're now even seeing how it can actually cure diseases, serious diseases, as well as maintain healthy bodies that do various and sundry things. The alternative to that is, of course, consuming animal-based foods, and I've finally come to the point of view that we ought to minimize our intake of animal-based foods, in fact, we can get along quite nicely without them at all. And also, we ought not to be using these highly processed foods, much of which are plants, by the way. I call that the sort of plant-food fragment diet, it's sometimes referred to as junk food. I mean, in other words, we can consume plant-based materials by using the oil, let's say, from plants, and using some sugar from plants and using some flour, white flour, from plants, put it all together and we end up with a danish, or something like that.

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