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Our co-ed classes meet twice per week on Zoom and are taught by our very own, Lavi Reid (aka Aunt Lavi) from her home classroom.

Read our course descriptions below and enroll in one or all of our classes:

Anatomy & Physiology I

Intro to ASL

The Sanctuary

Registration will close once classes are full. View syllabus for full descriptions.

Learn with Medical Missionary Kids

Learn with Medical Missionary Kids

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Anatomy & Physiology I

(2 semesters; Adolescent - HS)

An extension course to our MMK video lessons.  Students will gain an indepth understanding of the major body systems and their functions including:

  • Circulatory

  • Digestive

  • Sexual Reproductive*

  • Skeletal

  • Muscular

  • Health Education

Meets Mon & Wed 10am - 11am CST

Intro to American Sign Language

(1 semester; All ages)

This beginner course will teach you the fundamentals of ASL, and hopefully foster a love of communication and ministry using this method. Lessons include:

  • The alphabet/finger spelling

  • Numbers

  • Common words

  • Simple phrases

Meets Mondays 11:15am - 12pm CST

The Sanctuary

(2 semesters;  Ages10+)

This Bible course takes an indepth look at the earthly and heavenly sanctuary service:

  • Construction

  • Symbolism

  • Prophecy

  • Practical lessons


Meets Mon & Wed 9am - 9:45am CST

Anatomy Coloring Book.jpg

*Textbooks: We use The Good and the Beautiful, Unit 1 Maturation & Sexual Reproduction, to teach students about reproductive A & P, purity and consent from a Christian standpoint, that emphasizes abstinence until marriage. Students are not seperated by gender for this unit, because studies show that hosting classes together helps students be more sensitive to people who are different from them. Supplemental material for the semester includes the Princeton Review Anatomy Coloring Book.

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Accessing Classs: Students will meet live, via Zoom once or twice per week.  A recurring Zoom link will be sent to the email that is used to register.   Students are expected to arrive on time to class, with a 3 minute grace period, and all supplies and homework on hand.  The class recording will be available for 24 hours after class is completed.

Online Forum: The online forum is available for all site members.  It is a private forum, however it is not monitored daily and it is up to parents to supervise their child(ren)'s use.  The class facilitator is online each Sunday, however, please email us if you notice anything inappropriate in chat rooms.

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