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Hiring Social Media Influencer

We're looking for an energetic mom of school-aged children (or child) to be our new social medial influencer. 

This position entails doing activities from the MMK program/resources and posting pictures and/or videos on the MMKUS Instagram and Facebook pages.

You and your family will be the "face" of MMK so you must be comfortable and confident interacting with others on social media.

Must be able to plan and record family doing activities, experiments, cooking together etc. at least 3 times per week, and script engaging text to accompany post. (Posts can be scheduled in advance.)

No professional experience required, however we are looking for specific qualities:

  • Christian perspective

  • Clear and professional photos and videos

  • Keen eye for trends in homeschooling

  • Creativity and engaging personalities

  • Good command of English language and grammar

  • Marketing background is a plus but not required

Pay: Monthly stipend to include reimbursement cost for supplies (not groceries).

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