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I (Danna) grew up in the country, learned how to garden as a child, and also how to work on a farm.  Kalon grew up in a small town way up in North Dakota, where there's lots of snow in the winter.  We have a small farm together in Kentucky now and are helping people everywhere learn how to live for Jesus here on earth and also learn how to prepare to go home with Him to heaven.

What in the world does Closure for Jesus mean?  Well, it's kind of like this: You're getting ready for a big trip and you're all excited.  You've told everyone to be ready by 7AM so you can get going, but 6:30AM comes and everyone is still sleeping and no one is packed.  You go from room to room trying to get people to stir and wake up but no one seems to share your excitement.  Pretty soon your excitement turns to disappointment...then to grief...then you seem totally disconnected from everyone.  You can't go because it just wouldn't be the same without your friends, and they just don't seem interested.  What to do?  Nothing you can do but wait.


And that's what Jesus is doing!  Waiting!  He is waiting for us to get ready so He can come and take us home with Him, but we're all too busy with what we want to do!  But in order to get ready there is so much to do!  We have to be prepared, and Jesus has told us what we need to do to get ready.  We need to be like Him in our character--how we think and act.  But when we live in the city and watch TV and movies and play video games, He can't talk to us.  We're too busy.  So He asks us to move out to the country so it's quiet and we can hear His voice.  And we can grow good, healthy food so our minds are clear.


That's what our ministry is all about!  We want to help people--grown-ups and kids--learn how to hear the voice of Jesus.  We want to help people get ready to go home with Him.  So we want to help people learn how to garden, how to live in the country, how to take care of themselves without harmful drugs, so that they can get ready to make Jesus happy by being ready to go home with Him...soon! Visit to learn more.

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