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Hi, I'm Alejandro!

You might recognize me as the opening narrator for Medical Missionary Kids. One Sabbath afternoon in 2021, I designed a board game to play with my family.  I just covered a board game that we had at home with butcher paper and drew a colorful path and made game cards.

We all loved it so much that we started working on ways to share it with everyone who loves a good Bible game! It was a long time coming, but we finally got all the pieces together to make MANNA. The game of what is it? There are so many cool ways to play the game that I hope you never get tired of it.

Follow my new blog to see all that my family has been up to!

A Bit About Me

Age: 15

Designed MANNA when I was 12.

Hobbies: Playing piano & basketball

Favorite food: Pizza (of course) with black olives & Pho'

Favorite book: I have many! But I love historical fiction.

Favorite subject: Logic & art

Favorite Sabbath afternoon activity: Spending time with my friends; planning AY

MANNA is the fast-paced game that brings the Bible to life!

Each round brings a new set of activities with a new set of Bible challenges. Be the first to make it to the 2nd Coming but be sure to have the MANNA card with you!

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MANNA's Journey

Winter 2021

February 2022

March 2022

I designed a board game while at home with my family.  We drew it on butcher paper and colored it in with Sharpies.  First, had hand-written game cards then we typed them and cut them out on regular paper.

We had our game board professionally designed and sent the design off to a printer.

The design was rejected because of dimensions so we tried again and this time it worked! We started telling all our friends and preselling.

Fall 2022

December 2022

January 2023 - June 2024

We ordered and had custom boxes for MANNA made!

The initial run of board games arrived, but alas, they didn't fit the boxes! So, back to the manufacturer we went.

All the game pieces - boxes, boards, cards, tokens and rules sheet finally arrived and are ready for game board lovers to enjoy.


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